Counseling Services

Using an independent college admission counselor throughout high school can fulfill a number of needs, depending on the student’s age, grade level, scholarship opportunities and scholastic ability. Read more

Ancillary Services

We support the entire college admission experience and create a program tailored exclusively to benefit each client’s specific needs.  This may include scolarships, grants,financial aid, referrals to tutors, and SAT or ACT specialists. Read more

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P4C-Decide which college to go to


Deciding Which College to Attend?

The long wait is over and you have finally heard from all the colleges on your list. Deciding which one to choose may seem like a daunting task, but if you break your decision down and focus on the ultimate goal, graduation and life after college, deciding which college to attend becomes more easily attainable. Read more

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Success Stories

Andi was instrumental in identifying and guiding us through the myriad college choices
for our daughter. Her program kept our daughter focused and on schedule, and really made the entire process a lot less stressful. As a former teacher, Andi understands how to motivate kids to put their best efforts into this application process, and because of her we were very pleased with the results. Read more

The ‘Get Your Kid Into College’ Lady

anna-150x150Andi received a college admissions counselor certificate from UCSD, a master’s in special education from Boston University and an undergraduate degree in elementary education from Temple University. Read more

  • Free consult for all students in grades 8-12
  • Create a customized plan to ensure your student’s successful transition from high school to college
  • Assess your student’s career goals and identify the right colleges and universities
  • Get your kid into college!

Why Choose Us

  • Andi’s efforts have resulted in more than a 95% student acceptance rate to one of the student’s top three college choices.
  • Andi Frimmer offers 25 years experience teaching special needs students for parents of (IEP and 504 Plan) students looking for college placement services and counsel.
  • Andi’s custom-tailored program helps your son or daughter create an outstanding high-school performance portfolio and a competitive acumen for applying and interviewing in concert with a particular college’s specific admission requirements.

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