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Does Your Online Presence Affect Your College Application?

Social MediaMany, but not all, colleges and universities search online sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest for your profile.  Since you cannot be certain which colleges do partake in this practice it is very important to make certain all online content is scrubbed clean of anything you would not want seen or would paint you in a bad light.  Take the time to make each account squeaky clean leaving nothing to chance.  I tell my clients this simple rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see it, take it down.

However, you can also use these sites to promote your application in a positive way.

A strong positive online presence will go a long way to helping the college admission officer get to know you in a way that cannot be presented within the written application.

If you are an aspiring actor, athlete, or musician use the opportunity to showcase yourself.  Post photos of yourself in action and create a YouTube channel.  Aspiring photographers and artists can use Pinterest or Tumblr to display their work.  Would-be writers can host a blog.

Showcase your involvement in community activities.  If you do volunteer activities – working in a hospital, engaging in an environmental cleanup day, helping the less fortunate- post an item that depicts you working in that capacity.  Remember, pictures speak louder than words, so make each social media posting reflect the best you.

You can also use social media to show demonstrated interest in a college.  Use Facebook as well as other social media platforms to connect with schools you have an interest in, as well as individuals at those colleges and universities.  For instance, friend the college admission officer from your geographic area and friend or follow professors in the field you wish to study as an undergraduate.

You can interact with schools in multiple ways, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This is a strong way to show your interest before visiting the campus or completing an interview. In addition, LinkedIn allows you to build a network of relationships at a specific college or university, as well as demonstrate to schools that you are proactive and professional.

Carefully consider which social media forum best fits your needs. The most important thing is to present yourself online in the most positive image to reflect the best you.

If you have any other questions about selecting a college, or the admissions process, feel free to contact me through my website at or call me at 760.877.7200.  I’d love to answer your questions!


Article excerpted from an article written by Bradford Holmes of Varsity Tutors
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