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Project Description

Kiki Sanders-college“My daughter Kiki was accepted to 7 out of 8 colleges! The process was overwhelming for me to submit applications and especially to oversee her two year process. Andi was a God send! She listened to me, heard my special concerns, made a work schedule for Kiki and became the “bad guy” in enforcing deadlines. She guided my daughter through SAT’s and for two years monitored her studies and essay writings. I was able to be the kind of parent I always wanted to be: supportive, encouraging, and kind. I never once had to yell, or discipline, or be the heavy mean parent when it came to filling out forms or app’s. I didn’t worry about deadlines.

One of the greatest benefits of Andi’s services were the endless scholarships she had my daughter apply for. Once the applications were sent we filled the waiting time with submitting scholarships. The last thing my daughter wanted to do was more essay writing. In the middle of her senior research paper. Somehow, Andi got her to do it .

It is very important to me that my daughter never be made to feel stupid or inadequate, or not good enough for college. Andi was asked to always be positive, encouraging and non-critical. She is a pro at constructive critique, and related to my daughter with care and consideration. She knows her job well and is very skilled. My daughter respected her and it wasn’t very long that Mom’s opinion was second to the expert!

I loved that I could cook dinner in the kitchen and watch the two of them working at the dining room table. I could hear her advise and instructions and always approved of all she was teaching and suggesting. She never once cancelled out and I was able to rely on her accountability. By the second year I felt very comfortable having her at the house working at the table when I was still at work. She accommodated to our schedule, not hers. Being available on weekends helped us because of after school sports and practice Monday through Friday.

Because I have very limited computer skills I relied on Andi to work with my daughter at the computer. She is very skilled and competent with all the modern technologies.”

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