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6 Tips About College Admission Results

With the competition for college admission being extremely intense today, even the most promising students face rejection or waitlists. In 2018, The New York Times published an excellent article titled “6 Tips About College Admission Results” by Tanya Caldwell that is a must read for all high school students, especially juniors getting ready to begin their college application process in a few months. I reprinted the article in its entirety because it is well worth the read. Enjoy!! Andi For students, the results of the college application process can be both an exhilarating and painful experience. There are the [...]

3 Tips for Applying to Private Scholarships

When to Apply for Scholarships The earliest deadlines for scholarships hit in October – well before any college application is due. Almost all are due before March – before many students will have heard from the majority of their schools. If you really want a private scholarship, you should think of the money separately from the academic application process. Scholarship money will follow wherever you go – if you’ve got it in place. To that end, make sure you know the due date of each scholarship you’re applying to – and try to get your application in early. Scholarships [...]

10 Financial Aid Forms You Can’t Afford to Forget

A previous blog discussed the importance of timely completion of the FAFSA. Parents should be diligently completing this form and strictly adhering to the timeline. The form is complicated and there are many websites devoted to helping you. This blog is equally important in your search for financial aid. Wendy David-Games, from, wrote a compelling article about all the financial forms you may need to complete in order to be eligible for the MOST financial aid. The article is reproduced below. Colleges determine which financial aid applications they require to calculate financial aid awards. There are billions of dollars in [...]

Benefits of Today’s College Co-Op Programs

These days, the “college internship” can often be viewed as the maximum amount of real-world job experience a college student will get before graduation. In many cases internships are unpaid, and the level of work interns do is a step below the real-world experience an internship is made out to be. For too long, students were forced to accept these internships as a best-case scenario. But now they have options. And one of the best is college cooperative education programs (“co-ops” for short) – which are redefining the college work experience. College co-op programs weave “real world” work experience into a program’s [...]

Why is the Cost of a College Education on the Rise?

The cost of a higher education is on the rise.  The cost is being outpaced by just about everything in society today - the cost of food, gasoline, goods and services.  The three main reasons - the value of a college education is more important than ever, a college workforce is one of the most expensive to hire, and colleges are spending lavishly to try to attract your child. The value of the education exceeds the expense Recent studies have shown that workers with college degrees make on average 44% more than workers with only high school diplomas. According to [...]

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