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Meet Andi Frimmer
Founder and College Admissions Expert

My entire career has been dedicated to helping students achieve. I have been applying my knowledge of the intricacies of college admission to help students navigate the complicated admission process and achieve multiple admissions to the colleges of their choice.

I obtained a college admissions counselor certificate from UCSD, a master’s in special education from Boston University and an undergraduate degree in elementary education from Temple University.

While working with students at my former tutoring center, parents frequently asked questions and sought advice regarding college admission. As I became more involved in helping each student, I realized I wanted to help families full time with college admission. Prep4CollegeNow was born out of this desire.

I also have a deep passion for teaching special education students of all ages and abilities.

A childhood friend had a brother who developed mental retardation after a bout of encephalitis at age two. Over the years I watched him struggle to learn daily living skills, develop speech and basic reading and math skills. Being in his company and helping his family during my teenage years solidified my desire to educate children with special needs.

This desire continues today with college admission. I have developed a sub-specialty in helping special needs children gain college admission. I also advocate for children and families helping ensure each child receives a Fair And Public Education as required under state and federal laws.

Outside of work, I am an avid exercise enthusiast and love many forms of indoor and outdoor recreation. I’ve completed a full marathon and 2 half-marathons raising money through Team in Training for Leukemia Lymphoma research. I am also an active member of Circle of Life 100, the fundraising auxiliary of Scripps Hospital Encinitas. I am also active within my religious affiliation.

Have questions for Andi? Email her at andi@prep4collegenow.com today!

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