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Success Tips for Juniors
Critical Steps in 11th Grade

  • Make a list of your abilities, personal qualities, things you may want to study in college
  • Learn about colleges
  • Take academically challenging courses
  • Get good grades
  • Stay in or get involved in clubs or extra-curricular activities
  • Prepare for and take the ACT or SAT exams
  • SAT Subject Tests should be taken at the end of your junior year
  • Take as many AP classes as possible
  • Narrow down your initial list of colleges and visit them
  • Secure at least one 11th grade teacher as a recommender for your college applications
  • Plan your 12th grade high school schedule
  • Make meaningful summer plans that balance your achievements with some relaxation
  • Secure two recommenders for your college applications
  • Take SAT II Subject test exams if required

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    Junior Year Service Offerings

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    During their junior year, students are highly engaged in their high school career, focused on definite areas of interests and passions. Planning, organization and time management are crucial for juggling schoolwork, extracurricular activities and standardized test preparation. Students are most successful when guided by their detailed action plans and encouraged to excel throughout this challenging year.

    Andrea (Andi) Frimmer, M.Ed., the “get your kid into college” lady, will:

    • Create a resume based on information gleaned from his or her Brag Book
    • Add or modify elements as new activities and accomplishments surface
    • Review course selection plan to ensure it challenges the student and assists in achieving his or her long-term college goals
    • Incorporate remediation of weaknesses into action plan
    • Track grades to insure successful completion of long-term college goals
    • Compare grades to academic goals quarterly
    • Review appropriate summer activities based on student interests and expertise
    • Incorporate programs that will enhance college application, such as internships and summer scholar programs in area of interest
    • Participate in PSAT exam in October—National Merit Scholarships at stake
    • Take ACT/SAT in January, March and May of junior year
    • Prepare for and take SAT II subject tests
    • Prepare for and take AP exams in May
    • Focus on criteria that determine how well a college or university will fit
    • Research college major of interest and the colleges rating in that major
    • Determine how graduates of that program fare in the job market after graduation
    • Choose 10 to12 from the preliminary list of schools that fulfill all of the selection requirements
    • Focus on schools in the final list, plan ahead, tour with a purpose
    • Target not only colleges or universities in which you are interested but also the school division (i.e., Business, Science) to which you intend to apply
    • Attempt to get a special visit with a professor or student liaison who will create a more meaningful tour of the school
    • Complete application interview if one is required and time permits

    Download Junior Services Package!