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Success Tips for Freshmen
What to do in 9th Grade

  • Meet your high school guidance counselor at the beginning of the school year
  • Take the right classes
  • Colleges will evaluate you based on the classes you’ve taken
  • Develop the skills and habits that will allow you to continue to be successful academically
  • Work on your reading skills
  • Work on your writing skills
  • Get involved in extra-curricular activities both in school and outside of school
  • Get involved in community service activities
  • Build your credentials
  • Use your summer wisely
  • Start learning about college
  • Foreign language is a basic requirement for high school and college admissions, but it can also be used to strengthen your academic record

Find and download all tips for each grade in The Get Into College High School Program. Click the image below.



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    Freshmen Year Service Offerings

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    Starting NOW, everything your child does both in and outside of school counts toward successful college admission. We work together as a team to make certain each student’s plan and actions are pointed in the proper direction for his or her long-term educational goals. We encourage students to explore activities both within and outside of the school environment that enhance their strengths and challenge their weaknesses. We also encourage students to experiment with various extracurricular activities. Ideally one or two should be selected that will help shape a winning profile geared to college admission.

    Andrea (Andi) Frimmer, M.Ed., the “get your kid into college” lady, will:

    • Meet at the beginning of the school year to discuss the student’s aspirations and ninth grade course selection
    • Conference after the first three weeks of school to review appropriateness of course load
    • Review quarterly to make certain that the student is maintaining good grades and following the action plan
    • Review course selection plan that challenges the student and assists in reaching his or her long-term college goals
    • Incorporate remediation of weaknesses into action plan
    • Add information that captures the essence of the student
    • Maintain a Brag Book that chronicles all extracurricular and school-based activities
    • Use human E sources test to help determine your teen’s personality traits to assist in career planning, and include determining your major area of study when selecting colleges.
    • Collaborate on planning appropriate summer activities based on teen’s interests and expertise
    • Incorporate programs that will enhance college application such as internships and summer scholar programs in area of interest

    Download Freshmen Package!