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This Blueprint Has a 100% Success Rate of Earning College Acceptance Letters…

Imagine the Moment Your Teen Opens the Acceptance
Letter and Realizes They Just Got Into


100% of Prep 4 College Now
clients get into college


Amount of scholarships attained
since inception and growing


Number of satisfied clients who have
been accepted to college


95% of clients have been accepted into one of their top three college choices

A Customized Roadmap Delivering Your Teenager

to the College of Their Dreams

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Throughout the majority of your child’s life, you’ve had one vision replaying in your head: The moment your son or daughter opens that envelope and their face lights up with a giant smile because they’ve just been accepted into that college they’ve always dreamed of attending.

Then they rush into your arms to thank you for helping them realize their dreams…

That’s why you’re here—you want the best for your son or daughter, and you’re seeking to give them the best chance of achieving their goals.

100% of My Students Get Into College

Hi there. I’m Andi Frimmer, a college acceptance specialist with over 30
years of experience in the fields of education and counseling. I’ve worked
with teenagers of all levels of education and intellectual capacity and
delivered results for every student.

I’m extremely proud to say that the blueprint I’m about to show you hasn’t
just earned a 100% success rate getting my students into college…

…It hasn’t just earned my students over $5 million in scholarships…

…And it hasn’t just gotten 327 students into 174 colleges across the

My specially-designed blueprint, which I customize to
every student, has gotten 95% of my students into one
of their TOP THREE college choices.

So, what are your teenager’s top three college choices?

I’ve Guided My Students to Acceptance Letters From…

How My Blueprint Works

Through one-on-one consultation sessions and beyond, I gain a deep understanding of who your teen is, what gifts, talents, and passions they have, and what they want out of life…

From there, I customize a blueprint that maps out your teens’s journey from where they are now to the point at which they open that envelope and realize they’ve just been accepted to the college of their dreams!

This blueprint will include guidance, instruction, and advice on all of the following and more:

  • What level of community service your preferred colleges require…
  • Developing the skills and habits leading toward academic success…
  • How to build up credentials…
  • Which classes to take…
  • The most productive way to spend summer…
  • How to strengthen your academic record with foreign language credits…
  • SAT insight and training…
  • College admission guidance, tips, and advice…
  • And so much more!

It All Starts With This 1-Hour Consultation

If you want to share that moment of getting accepted into college with your teenager, it all begins
with a single one-hour consultation. As a college admission expert, I’ll use that hour to work with your
teen on…

  • An examination of each teen’s college goals and a discussion of how to best accomplish them.
  • A review of current high school coursework and how it impacts college choices.
  • An analysis of college testing scores and how they impact college selection.
  • The how and why of SAT subject tests.
  • An evaluation of community service and extracurricular activities and their impact on college
  • A college admission expert discussion on how a list of “best fit” colleges is ultimately selected.
  • An overview of college scholarships and how to earn them.
  • A short overview of the college application process and how Prep 4 College Now will assist a

This comprehensive and personalized consultation sets the foundation for the blueprint that I’ve used
to earn college acceptance letters for 100% of my students, and it costs just $97.


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Why Getting Into College Matters

  • College educated teens make 20% to 130% more money than kids that don’t go to college.
  • The focused skills that are learned from a specific degree open up more job opportunities, allowing
    your child to pursue their interests and passions.
  • The connections made in college can open up more career and life opportunities.
  • People who go to college statistically have a happier and healthier life.
  • Through work and mastermind hubs, college can provide your teen with the foundation to
    launch a business.

This comprehensive and personalized consultation sets the foundation for the blueprint that I’ve used
to earn college acceptance letters for 100% of my students, and it costs just $97.

Book a Consultation and Get Your High School Program

Whether your teen is preparing to enter high school or senior year, Andi will hand you the roadmap that guides your teen toward an outstanding high-school performance portfolio that will meet or exceed a specific college’s admission requirements.