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Free Presentation
Learn the Ins-and-Outs of the College Application Process in Andi Frimmer’s Prep4CollegeNow Video Presentation to Teens & Parents. Get Your Questions Answered!

During this FREE video presentation, I’ll be sharing:

  • How to find the best fit colleges…
    Learn what parameters and questions to ask when reviewing colleges to know how to make your top list of 12 colleges.
  • Two critical factors…
    Understand what critical factors will impact your chances of getting into your college of choice and how to make sure you are prioritizing these throughout your high school years.
  • If and How Sports Work…
    Do you think your sport can earn you a scholarship? Learn the answers to this question and more on how sports can play a roll in getting you into college.
  • Do curricular activities help?…
    Get a sense of what extra curricular activities do for you when it comes to applying for college and why they matter.
  • Should you take all AP classes?…
    Know the difference it will make if you take AP classes vs regular classes and when it’s important to do this as you decide which college is the best fit for you.
  • Using Prep4CollegeNow works…
    Learn how to utilize Andi’s knowledge and experience with working with over 137 college admissions can help you prepare, write essays and stand out when applying to college.

Book a personalize session with Andi Frimmer to learn which colleges would be a good fit and how she can help you get accepted!

Joseph Erle Andi is professional, knowledgeable, and a great person to work with. I can tell she really cares for her clients and knows what she is doing.

Spencer We contacted Andi to assist our son in writing the essays necessary for so many of the college applications. Spencer is a Math/Science student and does not enjoy writing so we knew that Andi faced a challenge from the outset.

Bonnie Engel Andrea is highly skilled at her work as a consultant. Her approach is both professional and personable and she is successful in her endeavors.

Yvette Lechtner Andi was instrumental in identifying and guiding us through the myriad college choices for our daughter. Her program kept our daughter focused and on schedule, and really made the entire process a lot less stressful.

Savannah S. Prep4CollegeNow has helped me to create a superior college portfolio and navigate the college application and admission process with ease. I have been accepted into my #1 college choice.

Julie Rozansky Andrea came into our lives when we really needed help! She assessed our son’s interests, needs and academic history in order to help him apply to universities that fit him.