Is it necessary to declare a major on a college application?

Yes, most schools prefer a declared major since he/she will be entering a specific college i.e. The College of Arts and Science. However, if your teen is unsure they can usually apply undeclared. Another option is to consider a liberal art’s major.  Research to learn more about it and determine if it is the right choice for them.

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What is the difference between applying early decision and early action?

Applying early decision means your teen is agreeing IN ADVANCE (by signing a binding contract) to attend if admitted. He/she may only apply to one private college or university early decision and must rescind all public-school applications when notified of acceptance, usually in January of senior year. Financial aid is usually not offered at the time of admission. Those notices are usually sent in March of senior year.  Early action allows teens to apply early, find out whether accepted, waitlisted or rejected early without any penalty. All other applications can be submitted, and you do not need to notify [...]

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When should your teen study for the ACT/SAT?

Your teen should start to studying over the summer between sophomore and junior year of high school. I recommend studying and taking each test once at the end of summer as a baseline, then pick the one that they are better suited for and retake that test again at least one more time. DO NOT take any test more than three times, scores will not improve enough to warrant the time and cost.

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Is your teens GPA the most important part of their high school profile?

Yes, your GPA is important, but it is only one factor being considered when a college reviews your teen’s qualifications for admission. Other factors being considered are ACT/SAT scores, community service and extra-curricular activities, high school club participation, leadership roles, sports - both school and community-based clubs, job history and anything else that helps define them as a unique and interesting person.

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How many AP classes should your teen take in high school?

Students should only take as many classes as they can handle well. It is better to receive an “A” in an unweighted class than a “B” or “C” in an AP class. Choose classes in which he/she has a natural talent or high interest, and doesn’t stress if they are not taking every AP class offered.

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