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The Benefits of Today’s College Co-Op Programs

These days, the “college internship” can often be view as the maximum amount of real-world job experience a college student will get before graduation. In many cases, internships are unpaid, and the level of work interns do is a step below the real-world experience an internship.   For too long, students are force to accept these internships as a best-case scenario. But now they have options. And one of the best is college cooperative education programs (“co-ops” for short), which redefine the college work experience.   A college co-op program weaves “real world” work experience into a program’s curriculum. Typically, you [...]

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College Touring 101 – How to Make the Most of Your College Tour

At this time of year, most seniors have narrowed down their list of prospective colleges and plan to tour as many as possible. To get the most out of your tour, you need to develop a touring strategy. Here are my suggestions for devising an effective tour: Schedule your visit in advance. Each college posts its touring schedule on its website. Pick your date and sign up for an official tour. You should plan on spending enough time there to not only complete the official tour but to include things like eating a meal in a dining hall, sitting [...]