How Do I Thank the College Interviewer?

College Interview Thank You Letter This is the time of year of the "college interview".  My last two blog posts spoke about how to prepare for the interview.  Today's blog post speaks to how to "follow up" after the interview.  It is very important to leave a good impression with the interviewer.  Peggy Wallace, founder of Making Conversation, presents an excellent article on the reasons why you should write a thank you note to the interviewer immediately after the interview.  Her article is reproduced in its entirety below. The world is fast-paced. Take the time to stand out from the [...]

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36 Questions to Ask on a College Visit

It may seem difficult to determine if a college is a good fit for your student.  After you determine if the school answers the question, "Is it comfortable yet challenging?" there are other questions that need to be answered as you narrow down your choices.  Dr. Lynn O'Shaughnessy from "The College Solution" wrote an excellent blog on what questions to ask while visiting a college campus.  Below is an excerpt from her blog.  One of the best ways to learn more about a college is to visit their campuses.  When you are on campus, you should ask lots of questions.  [...]

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Please check back here for articles and updates regarding Frequently Asked Questions, student inquiries and things to consider when planning for a college career!

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