Isabelle Yang


With Andi's help, my daughter's college application process was well-organized and stress-free.  We actually started a bit late, September of her senior year, and Andi was super effective in keeping her on track and did a lot of work with her in a very short amount of time. My daughter received sizable scholarships from great schools and was accepted to her dream school!  Because there was no tension during the college application process, my husband and I were able to communicate with our daughter to help and advise her during this process. Isabelle Yang

Julie Rozansky


Andrea came into our lives when we really needed help! She assessed our son’s interests, needs and academic history in order to help him apply to  universities that fit him. As  parents, we were “hands off” because Andrea scheduled appointments, assigned work, and communicated directly with our son. We didn’t have to nag him or stress about the deadlines. She also finished the process by applying to each university with our son. Our son was accepted into nine out of the ten universities and committed to one that was a perfect fit for him. Andrea took the weight off of our shoulders and made this daunting process seamless. I would recommend Andrea to anyone who is unsure of the college application process because she is professional, knowledgeable, and dependable! Julie Rozansky Related Article: Managing your emotions during your child’s transition to college

Yvette Lechtner


Andi was instrumental in identifying and guiding us through the myriad college choices for our daughter. Her program kept our daughter focused and on schedule, and really made the entire process a lot less stressful. As a former teacher, Andi understands how to motivate kids to put their best efforts into this application process, and because of her we were very pleased with the results. Yvette Lechtner



"My daughter Kiki was accepted to 7 out of 8 colleges! The process was overwhelming for me to submit applications and especially to oversee her two year process. Andi was a God send! She listened to me, heard my special concerns, made a work schedule for Kiki and became the “bad guy” in enforcing deadlines. She guided my daughter through SAT’s and for two years monitored her studies and essay writings. I was able to be the kind of parent I always wanted to be: supportive, encouraging, and kind. I never once had to yell, or discipline, or be the heavy mean parent when it came to filling out forms or app’s. I didn’t worry about deadlines. One of the greatest benefits of Andi’s services were the endless scholarships she had my daughter apply for. Once the applications were sent we filled the waiting time with submitting scholarships. The last thing my daughter wanted to do was more essay writing. In the middle of her senior research paper. Somehow, Andi got her to do it . It is very important to me that my daughter never be made to feel stupid or inadequate, or not good enough for college. Andi was asked to always be positive, encouraging and non-critical. She is a pro at constructive critique, and related to my daughter with care and consideration. She knows her job well and is very skilled. My daughter respected her and it wasn’t very long that Mom’s opinion was second to the expert! I loved that I could cook dinner in the kitchen and watch the two of them working at the dining room table. I could hear her advise and instructions and always approved of [...]



"We contacted Andi to assist our son in writing the essays necessary for so many of the college applications. Spencer is a Math/Science student and does not enjoy writing so we knew that Andi faced a challenge from the outset. She met with us and outlined a plan that would work for both of them. Andi clicked with Spencer from day one and they worked diligently to meet their objectives. She was able to ask questions to elicit ideas, give feedback that offered insight and inspired him to enhance his written product. His final products were well thought out and presented in a clear and concise manner. We are thankful to Andi for all of her help and encourage anyone with a college bound student to contact her for assistance."

Savannah S.


Prep4CollegeNow has helped me to create a superior college portfolio and navigate the college application and admission process with ease. I have been accepted into my #1 college choice. This help was invaluable and I highly endorse this service. Savannah S.

Bonnie Engel


Andrea is highly skilled at her work as a consultant.  Her approach is both professional and personable and she is successful in her endeavors. I would recommend her based on her experience and knowledge in her field. Bonnie Engel

Joseph Erle


Andi is professional, knowledgeable, and a great person to work with.  I can tell she really cares for her clients and knows what she is doing. With colleges and universities becoming more impacted due to budget cuts, competition, and ever changing prerequisites, Andi answers all her clients’ questions making the process of entering college easy for her clients’ children. Joseph Erle