The Next Step After Completing College Applications

//The Next Step After Completing College Applications

The Next Step After Completing College Applications

Seniors have now completed their college applications and are beginning the waiting period for finding out if they have been accepted into college. What is the next step?  There are actually      several things seniors should be doing while waiting for the results of their hard work:

1.  Use your individual college ID to check the status of your application online.  If any information is missing, quickly send it to the school.  Check it weekly for updates.

2.  Make certain the FAFSA application is completed by mid-January for your best chance of receiving financial aid.   Parents and students should each get an ID number and sign the form electronically.

3.  Research and complete scholarship and grant applications.

4.  Prepare for college interviews.  Research the school and come to the interview prepared with a list of questions for the interviewer that shows your true interest in attending that school.

5.  Continue to do well in your last semester of senior year, do not allow senioritis to get in the way of entering college in the fall.  Remember, your high school transcript will be sent after graduation, and your college has the right to refuse admittance if you don’t maintain good grades.

6.  Do not drop courses Spring semester.  You listed all the courses you were taking on your college application and the college expects to see grades for that course.  If you feel you must drop a course, check with the colleges to which you applied prior to doing so to determine if dropping the course will alter their interest in you as a candidate for their school.

7.  Visit colleges on your school breaks.  Getting a feel for campus life will help you choose the college that best fits you from those to which you were accepted.

If you have any other questions about selecting a college, or the admissions process, feel free to contact me through my website at  or call me at 760.877.7200.  I’d love to answer your questions!

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