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Demonstrated Interest – What Is It and Why Is It Important?

College admissions tips to make sure you are noticed with specific programs and counselors at the admissions office. Andi Primmer gets 100% of her clients into college and 96% into the top 3 choices and has been working with clients for over 17 years. Get into the best fit college for you!

35 Best Questions to Ask on College Tours

Many high school students take college or University tours over holiday or summer break to determine if the school is a good fit. The questions you ask on the college tour can help determine if the school is right for you. Ideally you should talk to more than just the admission staff. In advance of the trip try to arrange a visit with a professor or two in your field of interest and ask to shadow a current student in your chosen field of study for a few hours. Not every school will comply with your request, but most admission [...]

Alternative Routes To A College Degree – GAP Year

Want to take a GAP year? There are many opportunities for students who wish to attend college but who need a longer transition than the traditional summer break between high school and college. Taking a year to travel, study abroad, volunteer, or work are just a few of the many things high school graduates can do before entering college. The preferred term for the time between high school and college is termed the GAP year. Taking a break between high school and college is a great idea for some students.  Research has shown that students tend to be more mature [...]

6 Tips about College Admission Results

For teens, especially Juniors and Seniors, the results of the college application process can be both an exhilarating and painful experience. Some are surprised about being accepted into reach schools, and some rejections from easy-to-get-into colleges can be frustrating. Of course, being on the wait list is not fun. Once all those acceptances, rejections and deferments have arrived, it’s time to choose your future. Many students have until May 1 to make up their minds. For some, this choice will be easy. For others, the decision will require further analysis, financial calculations and, perhaps, some soul searching to find the [...]

The Best Time for College Tours

There is virtually no better time to do college tours than during spring break. Your teen is off from school for a week. The weather is improving and most colleges will be in session. (Unless they are on spring break as well). Here are a few suggestions for putting together a successful multi-college campus tour: Create a plan: I am a huge believer in planning ahead. Especially when it affects some of life’s most important decisions. The college selection process is one of those. Take time to plan where, when, and what you’ll be doing during the trip. Harvard University [...]

The Six Worst College Application Mistakes

We are officially in the midst of the college application and admissions season! Millions of students across the world have been and will be submitting applications. And while technology is making submitting easier, there is still room for human error. Below are the six worst college application mistakes that you want to avoid before you hit SEND! Misspelling your own name. Make sure that your name is spelled correctly on all your applications and official documents Simple typos and misspellings – Daneil versus Daniel, Cathy versus Kathy, or Smith versus Smiht – can cause colleges to think that two different people [...]

What Type of College Application Plan is Best for YOUR Teen?

Most families do not realize there are several types of application plans offered by colleges and universities. Deciding which is best for your child, will help determine what schools to apply to, and the timelines that need to be adhered to when applying to specific schools. Before deciding on which type of application plan is right for your child, you need to thoroughly understand the difference. There are two types of application plans, Non-Restrictive Plans and Restrictive Plans. Non-Restrictive Applications Plans allow students to wait until May 1 to confirm enrollment. These include: Regular Decision is the application process in [...]

How and When to Prepare for the PSAT, SAT or ACT Exam

Many students wonder if they should study before taking the PSAT, SAT or ACT exam. The simple answer is YES. There are many methods of study that are available to you and your preparation can be tailored to meet your learning style. Many students like preparing online and there are programs that can guide you through the exam prep. Some programs are free while others charge a fee that varies from inexpensive to expensive. I recommend this method of studying if you are a self-motivated learner and can master new skills without personal instruction. If you prefer guidance from an [...]

Does Your Teen Know How to Pick a Major on College Applications?

Colleges don’t expect your teen to know exactly what he wants to do with his life by the time he is a high school senior. They do, however, expect that he has a general sense of direction when he applies. The purpose of college is to get exposure to a wide range of fields and to also develop a set of skills that your teen will be able to use in the working world. Many students agonize over which intended major to select on the application itself; some hoping that this will make a difference between an acceptance [...]

How to Decide Which College to Attend

The long wait is finally over and you have heard from all the colleges on your list. Deciding which one to choose may seem like a daunting task, but if you break your decision down and focus on the ultimate goal, graduation and life after college, deciding which college to attend becomes more easily attainable. When you first started the college process you focused on “fit.”  This is an intangible that is different for each person, but generally includes: location of the college, size of the college, cost of the college and whether the college has your major. Now you [...]