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Writing a review by professionals from In most cases, students have to write a review on their own. It can be written in several ways, but it is necessary to take into account and evaluate the relevance of the problem, its validity, significance, and practical nature. Writing a review consists of the following parts: The initial part of the review concerns the relevance of the work. The main part is the analysis of private elements of the work and identification of their advantages and disadvantages. In the end, the examiner makes an overall assessment of the work, referring to [...]

How to Write a Compelling Essay for your College Application

Almost all colleges require applicants to write an essay. Why, you may ask? Aren’t great grades and SAT/ACT scores more important? Colleges have many requirements for gaining admittance and grades and SAT/ACT scores are just part of the overall picture you present to a college. However, the number of applications received by colleges far exceeds the number of available spots. Even if you pass the numbers test, you still may not be accepted. The application essay can be the defining feature on your application and may be the difference between you receiving an acceptance or rejection notice. Most college essays are [...]