31 Ways to Get Your Kid Into College

//31 Ways to Get Your Kid Into College

31 Ways to Get Your Kid Into College

Your student should:

1.  Earn great grades throughout high school.

2.  Enroll in honor classes throughout high school.

3.  Enroll in advance placement (AP) classes in 10-12th grades.

4.  Take a challenging course load each year, however, only take courses that your child will be able to maintain at least a “B” average.

5.  Participate in extra-curricular activities outside of school and show a love of that activity through your continued involvement.

6.  Play a sport and show a love for that sport by participating in community/regional leagues.

7.  Be a member of a sport’s team in high school and show consistency throughout your high school career.

8.  Play a musical instrument and demonstrate mastering the instrument.

9.  Excel in art and demonstrate mastery level skill.

10.  Excel in dance and demonstrate mastery level skill.

11.  Choose a community service project freshman year and show consistency with that project throughout high school.

12.  Earn more than the 100 hour of community service credit requested by most colleges.

13.  Participate in math league throughout high school.

14.  Participate in science fairs throughout high school.

15.  Participate in robotic projects throughout high school.

16.  Find a cause that you are passionate about and volunteer for the organization (i.e. environment, feeding the hungry, working with the homeless).

17.  Participate in summer activities that blend your passion with studies in your chosen field.

18.  Visit prospective colleges during school breaks and let the college know you are truly  interested in attending.

19.  Study diligently for 4-6 months to prep for the SAT and/or ACT exam.

20.  Use a tutor or test prep center to prepare for the SAT or ACT exam.

21.  Take multiple exams junior and senior year.

22.  Prep and take SAT II subject tests.

23.  Prepare a list of prospective colleges early in your high school career .

24.  Explore career ideas and the college requirements for that career.

25.  “Like” prospective colleges on their Facebook page.

26.  Sign up for information on a prospective college website.

27.  Create a high school resume.

28.  Keep track of awards and prizes earned since junior high school.

29.  Obtain summer internships and/or school year internships in areas of interest.

30.  Travel as much as possible to develop an understanding of the world in which we live.

31.  Hire a college admission counselor to help create a winning high school portfolio.


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