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Social Media and College Admissions

Today we are going to focus on how social media can affect college admission.  There was a poll taken in 2008 with over 500 selective colleges completing the poll, that said in about 10% of the colleges polled, the admission officers were checking the applicants Facebook and My Space profiles.  Imagine what the number must be in 2011.

It hurt the applicant 38% of the time.  It helped the applicant 25% of the time so it is hurting the applicant more than it is helping.   I don’t think that people, students in particular,  are actually paying attention to what they are putting out there and how the information in their profile is viewed by others.  The student needs to assume college admission officers are looking and should modify the information posted on their pages.  A good rule of thumb is if you think your student’s grandmother would be offended by the information, it shouldn’t be on the page.

Your teenager needs to keep the information clean but it still should appear as if the teen is an interesting person who would be an appealing student for the school.  Your teenager need to strike a balance between being too clean and too off color or avant-garde.
Your teen is able to control who views certain pages on his Facebook page and he should set up  his profile to limit access to certain pages and photos. His Twitter feed should only go to people who are on an approved list and, if he blogs, it should be set up as an invitation only site.  Not everything your teen does needs to be viewed by everyone.

Your student needs to pay attention to his social media profile, what goes out there and acknowledge how it can negatively affect him.  Remember, it is a reflection on your student and it can affect admission into college.

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