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What Type of College Application Plan is Best for YOUR Teen?

Most families do not realize there are several types of application plans offered by colleges and universities. Before deciding which application plan is right for your child, you must understand the difference thoroughly. Choosing which is best for your child will help determine what schools to apply to, and the timelines that need to be adhered to when applying to specific schools. There are two application plans: Non-Restrictive Plans and Restrictive Plans. Non-Restrictive Applications Plans allow students to wait until May 1 to confirm enrollment. These include: Regular Decision is the application process in which a student applies to [...]

The Ins and Outs of Building a Realistic College List

Learn about the Ins and Outs of Building a Realistic College List.

Social Media and College Admissions – Updated for 2021

Learn how to choose which type of college scholarship and college funding is right for you.

Which Matters More – High Grades or Challenging Courses?

This is the time of year many students are getting ready to select high school classes for the following school year. With that in mind, I am re-publishing a blog I wrote about the how and why behind choosing high school classes with an eye to future college admission. Andi Teens today are usually in a quandary when deciding what courses to take during high school to enhance their college applications. Are high grades or challenging courses more important?  Should the student go for the “easy” A or take the tough AP course? Should s/he take a college course while [...]

Gap Year Tips

Thinking of Taking a Gap Year? High school seniors have been very busy preparing their college applications and waiting to hear positively or negatively from those colleges. But a growing number of these students are not going to step foot on campus in the fall, electing instead to take a gap year. What is a gap year?  It is a year between high school and college where students explore their interests outside of a school setting. A handful of colleges offer scholarships and fellowships to incoming freshmen who take a gap year. Check with the colleges to which your teen [...]

Benefits of Today’s College Co-Op Programs

These days, the “college internship” can often be viewed as the maximum amount of real-world job experience a college student will get before graduation. In many cases internships are unpaid, and the level of work interns do is a step below the real-world experience an internship is made out to be. For too long, students were forced to accept these internships as a best-case scenario. But now they have options. And one of the best is college cooperative education programs (“co-ops” for short) – which are redefining the college work experience. College co-op programs weave “real world” work experience into a program’s [...]