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Benefits of Today’s College Co-Op Programs

These days, the “college internship” can often be viewed as the maximum amount of real-world job experience a college student will get before graduation. In many cases internships are unpaid, and the level of work interns do is a step below the real-world experience an internship is made out to be. For too long, students were forced to accept these internships as a best-case scenario. But now they have options. And one of the best is college cooperative education programs (“co-ops” for short) – which are redefining the college work experience. College co-op programs weave “real world” work experience into a program’s [...]

Which Matters More – High Grades or Challenging Courses?

Teens today are usually in a quandary when deciding what courses to take during high school to enhance their college applications.  Are high grades or challenging courses more important?  Should the student go for the "easy" A or take the tough AP course?  Should s/he take a college course while still in high school?  Most high school students who are planning to go to a selective college have asked themselves these questions. There are no easy answers but I will give you some points to consider before making your decision. First, it's important to note that a student's high school [...]

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Options in Higher Education – Specialized Options

The past two blogs have focused on the differences between colleges and universities, and public and independent (private) colleges.  This week's blog will wrap up the variety of other options available when determining what type of school might be right for your teen. National vs. Regional National colleges are institutions whose student body is made up mostly of students from out of state or region of the college.  Regional schools tend to focus on serving the educational needs of the students in their area. National colleges and universities tend to have a larger geographical diversity and are more selective in [...]

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